This week’s Top Ten Tuesday on The Broke and the Bookish is: Top Ten Movies and TV Shows!A bit of a departure from the norm, but one I won’t have any trouble with!


Cold Comfort Farm

I recently (finally) finished reading this book, but I’ve been a fan of the movie pretty much since it came out. Featuring the likes of Kate Beckinsale, Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry and a young Ian McKellen, the cast brings the book’s eccentric and unique characters right off the page and spectacularly to life. Though it’s definitely a weird film (as was the book), it completely won my heart and is one I will return to time and again.


What can I say about Amélie? She is my spirit animal, my kindred spirit, the sister I never had, and who I hope to be when I stop growing up. This movie makes me inexplicably happy and is better than any anti-depressant on the market. Its magic invariably leaves me looking at the world with a bit more of a rose tint. Also she’s got my name, so….

The Harry Potter Movies

I was too old for Harry Potter. When the movie first came out I was in my early 20s, and had never even heard of the magical young boy. But over the next few years I read the books, I watched all the movies… and I re-watched. And I re-read. And I wished that HP had come about when I’d still been a kid, but was still glad that I got to experience this finely-crafted feat of make-believe at whatever age.

Bridget Jones’ Diary

I first read this book on an airplane between Heathrow and Vancouver. I was about 13 and in that phase where I was obsessed with reading journals – fictional or otherwise. I’d found this in an airport bookstore and really had no idea what to expect. What I found was a character that, though nearly two decades separated us, I could relate to. Hell, I’m still surprised I didn’t turn out to be more like Bridget. It could still happen.

The Big Lebowski

The dude abides. Also:

(And while I was searching for Big Lebowski GIFs, this popped up. Which totally freaked me out, because – young Lebowski, right?)

84 Charing Cross Road

I had to include this, because it is appropriately bookish and full of my favourite kind of wry wit. Anne Bancroft, Anthony Hopkins and Judi Dench are a commanding cast, and create a simple but moving story that I return to again and again. It’s an older movie, but one I highly recommend checking out – particularly for book lovers!

TV Shows

Sherlock (and Elementary)

I am constantly amazed by his mind, and both of these adaptations do a great job of the Holmes-Watson relationship and imbibe the classic puzzle-solver with some humour. Intentional or otherwise.

Orange Is the New Black

We just finished watching season two, and I am already waiting impatiently for season three. What really gets me about this show is that I don’t really like any of the characters but I STILL need to keep watching. That’s some talented writers, yo.

Chicago Fire

Okay, yes, hot people. But also it’s incredibly well-written, full of one edge-of-your-seat storyline after another, and a great cast of characters you love getting to know.

White Collar

While at times this show is a bit of a stretch, most of the time the characters carry it. Neal Caffrey is a lovable rogue, tempered by the somber but occasionally surprising Peter Burke and with one of the most lovably paranoid sidekicks, Mozzie. The plot is quick, well-endowed with twists and turns, and has enough personality to win you over. 

I watch a lot of TV and movies, so there are many more, but I will attempt to stick with the 10 theme this week! Do you love any of these? What did I miss? //<![CDATA[ var sc_project=10144299; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="82f610c9"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("”); //]]>

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