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My Week on Wednesday

My Week On Wednesday is a weekly post in which I share with you what I’ve been reading, what I’m reading next, and any other bookish news that has happened in the past week.

Just shelved:

Anne of Avonlea - L.M. Montgomery

I only finished one book this week, though I’ve made progress on  a few others – including one really long one! This was the second book in the Anne of Green Gables series, and the book I was supposed to finish in February for the Green Gables Readalong. Better late than never, right?

I really enjoyed this continuation of the Green Gables saga. Anne has grown up a bit (though at 17, by today’s standards she’s still a kid!) and is now back in Avonlea after finishing teacher training at Queen’s College. As always, there are new mishaps as well as plenty of kindred spirits and beautiful summer days spent in nature.

Currently reading:

The Sweetness At the Bottom of the Pie - Alan Bradley   


I’m so close to finishing up The Sweetness At the Bottom of the Pie and can’t wait to find out how it ends! I’m loving Flavia – she’s such a spunky, fearless character. Though I did have a hard time reading the bit that takes place on top of a tower, because I’m ghastly afraid of heights and it was so well written that I actually started having tingles in my hands and feet!

I’m reading A Little More Life with Julianne, and I think both of us are feeling like it’s going to break our hearts. It’s beautifully written, and the characters are painfully real. But it’s the kind of book where you just know it’s going to hurt. A lot. In a good way, but still.

Anne of the Island is the third book in the Green Gables Readalong, after which I will be officially caught up! Lindsey (who is hosting the Readalong) says this was her favourite so far in the series, so I’m excited to remind myself what happens to Anne next! I’m not too far in, but so far it’s just as magical as the previous two.

Up next:

My Brilliant Friend - Elena Ferrante


I’m going to try to participate in #CloudAtlasAlong, though so far I haven’t had a chance to get started! To be honest, I’m a bit scared of this book, but I plan to give it a try. I’ve also heard great things about My Brilliant Friend, so I want to find out what all the fuss is about!

Cool stuff I came across this week:

Socratic Salon


I’m really enjoying The Socratic Salon‘s discussions. In case you haven’t checked them out yet, they’ve got three going on:

Fair warning, the entire point of their book discussions is so that people who have already read the book can talk about specifics – including spoilers – that are usually left out of reviews and comments. So don’t head over until you’ve finished reading!

In other news:

I’m doing pretty well in #BookMadness so far! Here’s hoping that my pick pulls through and becomes champion! If you want to help me out (or find out more) you can go cast your vote here.

Join up in the link below if you’d like to share what you’ve been reading and doing in the past week, add your link below!

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