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I missed last month’s wrap-up on account of being on vacation, so this one’s a two-fer! Some exciting things have happened in the past two months, both in terms of books and… not. First of all, I started off the year with a couple of truly fantastic reads – my favourite so far being If I Fall, If I Die. Beautifully written and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Then I went on vacation at the end of January to New Orleans! It was my first time in The Big Easy and I cannot even tell you how much I loved it. I’ve been adding every book I can find about or set in New Orleans ever since. Here’s what I’ve been up to in the past two months:

 Books read in January:

Other things you might have missed in January:

Books read in February:

Other things you might have missed in February:

A few pictures from my trip:

 My first view of the Mississippi – and a paddlewheeler! And some cool trees.
Jackson Square and an albino alligator called Snowy at the Aquarium.
New Orleans Garden District       New Orleans Balconies
A garden in the Garden District and a typical building in the French Quarter.
Trees in the swamp and the baby alligator called Elvis we got to play with.
New Orleans Haunted  
New Orleans is big on the paranormal, and on the left was one of my 
favourite signs. The other sign speaks for itself!

And because this is a book blog, here are a few of the bookstores I visited:

New Orleans Beckham's Bookshop       New Orleans Beckham's Juniper
Beckham’s Bookshop and the lovely cat who lives there, Juniper.
   New Orleans Crescent City Books Upstairs
Crescent City Books – downstairs and up.
   New Orleans Faulkner House
 Faulkner House Books, housed in the building where William Faulkner
wrote his first novel.
New Orleans Faulkner House Books Inside Window       New Orleans Faulkner House Books Inside
Inside Faulkner House Books, probably my favourite bookstore in New Orleans.
That’s it for the first two months of 2015! Great start to the year, I’d say. What about you guys? Which is the best book you’ve read so far this year? Share in the comments!blogger counters


  1. M.

    It was AMAZING. If I were American, I'd be moving there!! I was so tempted never to leave the bookstores, but since I wasn't traveling alone there were people to find me ;). I know, right? I totally want one for a pet now!

  2. Martha Woods

    Oh, your pictures make it seem like you really had a wonderful trip!! I think I would have gotten lost in those bookstores and never emerged. And that little gator is so cute 🙂

  3. M.

    If I Fall, If I Die is hands down the best book I've read so far this year! I think there's something there for most readers.
    Definitely do – I am anxiously awaiting your verdict! 🙂


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