Book Thoughts On Thursday

This week you’re getting a post in GIFs because I’m a serious blogger but everyone needs to have fun sometimes, and also nothing else is working for me right now. #sorrynotsorry

So as you all know, I’ve got a sparkly new blog. But it hasn’t been an easy transition. I’ll write about it (probably in greater detail than any of you need) another time, but for now, let’s just say it has been a bit of a fiasco. So I’ve basically spent the past couple of months like this:

young and restless writer's block

On top of that, now that I’ve got the blog set up, I need to scour every post and page to update every internal link and replace all the broken images. Not to mention sorting and re-categorizing, setting featured images, organizing comments… Yeah, this is going to take a while, folks.

Of course, this is the time my computer picks to start randomly blue screening all over the place like a flailing flamingo. Usually right after I’ve completed something tedious and detailed, but before I’ve hit save.

come on computer work

As a consequence of my various difficulties, further exacerbated by getting used to the WP platform that has plenty of “quirks” and “personality” (i.e. it is driving me INSANE), I still don’t feel like my old blogging self. I used to write nearly daily posts. I didn’t really put any conscious effort into sitting down and doing this – it was just part of my routine, and it really wasn’t that difficult.


But those carefree days seem to be over – at least temporarily. My  blogging persona has been replaced by someone who has trouble sitting down to start writing and will procrastinate in any way possible.


(Short of this, because this would kill the entire interwebs and that’s where my funny cat videos live. Priorities. I gots ’em.)

When I do finally sit down and try to write, because I feel so out of practice and intimidated by the new screen that confronts me, nothing comes out right. Or at all.

tom hanks

Even this post just isn’t… comfortable. It feels like the words are battling with me and with one another and rolling about the house, breaking all the lamps and getting mud everywhere rather than harmoniously falling into place and conveying the ideas I want to convey. See what I mean? TERRIBLE.

better in my head friends rachel

I’ve done some research into how famous authors have dealt with writer’s block, and the general advice seems to be that in order to begin writing again, one must first start to write. Of course, I imagine that when the greats sat down in front of a blank page and “just wrote,” the result was remarkably more readable than the word soup I seem to come up with.


I’m always incredibly disappointed when I read back what I’ve written and the words I spewed out at random have not magically metamorphosed into the most brilliant and insightful literary post that has ever graced the bookish internet.  Fixing the drivel I’ve managed to compose seems even more daunting than writing it in the first place…. so I just don’t.


This might be a good time to mention that I have a real problem with procrastination. Usually this doesn’t impact my blogging, because in the good old days blogging wasn’t something that took a lot of arm-twisting. But after a few failed attempts at writing new posts, that procrastination gene starts to really kick in.


Pretty much everything else I could be doing suddenly seems to be more important than blogging. Vacuuming is important. Sorting my books alphabetically then by genre then chronologically then back to how they were to begin with is important. Twitter is important. Cleaning out lint from under the dryer is important. Finding the exact right proportion of salt to butter on my popcorn is important. Blogging? Not so important.


Touché, Winston.  Touché.

So, most nights, I either give up before I start or I give up after I start – but either way the result is the same: No new posts for you. Sorry, dude. I have important drinking to do now that I’ve eaten all the popcorn. And all the chocolate. And possibly the peanut butter and the crumbs in the bottom of the cornflake box.


Which brings me to my next and final point: If there are typos in this post, they are not my fault; the booze is responsible. But hey, at least you’re getting words, even if they are mostly in GIFs. So that’s one step up from last week.

Over to you guys – do you ever experience blogger’s block? What causes it, and more to the point, how do you fix it? Any pro tips on WordPress you’d like to share that might help me feel at home here? Please share in the comments!


The world of books is never boring. Every week (well, most weeks) I’ll discuss a different topic related to books, often inspired by or in response to what’s going on in the online book community (or something I’ve seen another blogger talk about). I call this Book Thoughts on Thursday. Feel free to weigh in with your own thoughts in the comments, or even write your own post on the topic and share the link with me!



  2. Martha

    I feel you on both fronts–I’ve struggled to adapt to WP ever since I made the switch last summer (!), and I’ve had a major case of both blogger’s block and commenter’s block for months now. I wish had a helpful wellspring of tips for you but I don’t. 🙁 Other than to say, I think sometimes it’s good to just take a break and walk away! I find that sometimes I just have to pencil in an hour here or there throughout the week that I commit to blogging, and if nothing productive comes of that time–I leave it be. I don’t think you can force yourself to be creative or witty and it just leads to frustration and then you REALLY don’t want to blog! So let yourself off the hook, maybe in a month or so you’ll find you’ve got your mojo back. 🙂

    1. Rain City Reads Post author

      Oh, I am totally experiencing commenter’s block too! Though I’ve never been that great at it. I’ll sporadically comment a whole bunch but then forget for like a week. I subscribe by email to all my favourite blogs – the up side is I never miss a post, the down side is that I always read them and then go, “I’ll have to remember to go comment on that later.” Then guess what happens.
      You are so right – I’m actually going on a trip next week, so I have decided to schedule a few posts while I’m away but not bother trying to track down a computer to blog until I get home. Hopefully that’ll help me re-charge and get inspired! I think you’ve got it right though, if it’s not fun anymore, what’s the point? Definitely best to try, but not force it. We should exchange WP tips once I’ve had some time to adjust and figured some out!

  3. Shannon @ River City Reading

    Sorry it’s been such a tough transition for you – it can be hard to get motivated when everything feels like it’s looming. There are a few plugins that might help make things a little easier (basically everything you could want to do on WP has a plugin to do it for you). One called Easy Add Thumbnail will go through and make the first image from every post the featured image automatically, which definitely saves time. Good luck with everything and remember to give yourself to breathing room 😉

    1. Rain City Reads Post author

      I’m just starting to discover the wonderful world of plugins – the trick is figuring out the right search terms to find what you want! Thanks for the tip, though, I’ve installed it and I’ll give it a try once I’ve updated all the broken images. I know that I made the right decision switching, and I know that once I’m used to it I’ll be just fine. I’ve actually used WP plenty in the past – just not for my own blogging, so it’s a bit of a disconnect when I sit down to write MY blog… in WP. I’m starting to feel more at home though! 🙂 Thank you!

  4. Katie McD @ Bookish Tendencies

    You make many a valid point here.

    I think we all experience this from time to time, and it should be (and IS) okay to take a little breather. I try to take advantage of when my creative juices are flowing and bust out a few posts to keep in my back pocket for when the muse isn’t with me as much. I tend to just spend 10-15 minutes here and there working on several posts at once, and just wait for the words to come when they’re ready.

    I also don’t think you should feel like you need to post every single day, as that’s a lot for anyone. I tend to post 3-4 times per week, and call it good.

    You could also consider writing “response” posts, linking to someone else’s original post, and expanding on that topic. Then you’re still giving credit where it’s due, but sharing your own voice on the topic.

    Lastly, I always have a tab on my phone, to jot down post ideas or creative titles for posts at the moment I think of them, because I’ve learned by now I DEFINITELY won’t recall it when I sit down to write.

    I know you’ll get your mojo back, and posts like this to try and work it out are a great step in that general direction. Hope any of this is helpful!

    1. Rain City Reads Post author

      I definitely have a notebook I jot ideas down in, and I’ve been known to randomly pause mid-conversation to email myself. But somehow even those ideas all felt dramatically out of reach lately. I used to post about 5 times per week, plus any extra release day reviews or readathon/reading challenge posts, so that’s what I’m aiming for again. I actually just came across a post the other day I thought about writing a response to, but then I realized it would end up being a pretty negative post so I decided to keep my thoughts to myself. But I still might write a response post if I come across another one that I’ve got more useful thoughts to share on, that’s a great idea, and I haven’t done it for a while!
      Thanks for your great ideas – and encouragement, as always!

  5. Lisa @ Reading, Writing, and Random Musings

    I LOVE this post! OK, I don’t love that your struggling with blogging and writing at the moment, because that is no fun, but I was literally laughing out loud while reading this. We all have times when writing takes more effort than other times, but never fear, this too shall pass. Cut your self a little slack – you will find your swing again soon! In the meantime, drinking seems to spark something, so you could go with that strategy 🙂

    1. Rain City Reads Post author

      Drinking is always a good alternative to… well, life. I’m considering that option. 😉

      But seriously, thanks for your words of encouragement! You’re right, this does happen to us all. and I’ve had ups and downs before. I think it’s just a bit more worrying given that I’m in a new blog and so there’s no established normal to go back to here. However, I will find my swing, and I will be back bigger and better than ever. Or just, you know, back.

      Glad to have at least provided some giggles! That’s what I was going for.


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