WWW Wednesdays #16

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It’s time for this week’s WWW Wednesdays, hosted by Should Be Reading blog (head over and check them out!).

This link up asks three questions

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you recently finish reading?
  • What do you think you’ll be reading next? 

Here are my WWW answers!

What am I currently reading?

I, believe it or not have never even seen the movie. But I was reading something or other recently that was talking about the origins of the Young Adult genre, and basically said this book was the origin. Between that and really wanting to know the context surrounding the phrase, “Stay cool, Sodapop” made me figure I should give it a go. Plus it’s really, really short.

What did I recently finish reading?

You guys remember me skipping WWW Wednesday last week so I could read this book, right? Yeah. I did. And it was awesome. If you’re a fan of the show and still outraged that it got cancelled, read this book. (But make sure you watch the movie first because spoilers!)

What do I think I’ll be reading next?

I actually started this book before The Outsiders hit my mailbox, and put it on hold. But I am intrigued by the premise and the first couple of chapters definitely drew me in. I have high hopes! 

Now it’s your turn! Share your recent reads in the comments – and don’t forget to link up with the original post (and share a link in the comments) if you wrote your own WWW Wednesday!

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