Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish People I’d Like to Meet

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday on The Broke and the Bookish is a Freebie, which means I get to pick my own topic. So I pick…. (drum roll please)…Top Ten Bookish People I’d Like to Meet.

I like this because it’ll allow me to highlight some of my favourite bloggers, as well as a few authors and other bookish folks.

Book Bloggers:

1. Karen from One More Page… – Because she’s smart, eloquent and a lot of fun to chat with on Twitter. She’s also a Canadian blogger (from my hometown, no less, though she defected to Toronto) and her tastes in books run similar to my own. She hasn’t been blogging for that long yet, but I already find myself getting excited whenever I see she’s got a new post up!

2. Julianne from Outlandish Lit – I very much enjoy chatting with Julianne. Her tastes in books are so different from the norm, which I find refreshing, and she’s smart, spunky and highly entertaining!

3. Gillian Berry from Writer of Wrongs – Well, obviously. Her reviews are arguably my faves because I love her tone, irreverent sense of humour and excellent use of GIFs. Also her dog Ginger seems pretty awesome.

4. Stacie from Books Galore – One of the sweetest, most humble and yet prolific book bloggers out there, particularly if you consider that she’s a young mum of a beautiful little girl. She always replies to comments – in fact, she’ll engage in entire comment convos – and she’s great at finding time to stop by and comment. Something I’m pretty horrible at, so I aspire to. She’s also British, so I love imagining her accent when I’m reading her comments!

Honourable Mention:  Katrin from Land of Candy Canes and Martha from Quick, Cheap and Pretty. They’re not technically book bloggers, hence not including them in the actual list, but they are bookish folks, and I consider them both friends despite never having met them. So they have to be on the list.

Other Bookish Folks:

5. Neil Gaiman – I just finished reading Fortunately, the Milk, and it has renewed my enjoyment of the way his mind works. Plus he seems like a smart but down to earth bloke.

6. Pretty much everyone who writes for Book Riot, but in particular Rebecca Schinsky. I just love how fiesty, smart and creative she is – both in her published articles and on Twitter.

7. Matthew Quick – Not only do I love his writing and his quirky characters, but he will take the time to interact with readers on Twitter and just seems like a super cool dude.

8. Rainbow Rowell or Rita Leganski – I think these two women are extraordinarily talented writers, and both their books have left lasting impressions on me. Not only that, but they’ve both taken the time to have small interactions with me on Twitter, which has left me feeling (aside from vaguely star-struck) that they are the sorts of people I’d very much enjoy having a little chat with. You know, if I could get past being star-struck and regain my ability to talk.

9. Maggie Stiefvater – Because funny. Also, though I haven’t read many of her books yet, she has impressed me with her ability to create passages that made me stop in my tracks to re-read and wallow in her words. She’s also another author who will respond to fans on Twitter. Seeing a theme here?

10. Douglas Coupland – I currently live in Coupland’s hometown (and was born in it) and so I’ve always felt this kind of affinity with his writing because I can put myself into his settings easily. I like that he not only is Canadian, but that he really uses that in his work. He values his roots, and he thinks they’re worth sharing. He wrote City of Glass, which is the utimate insider’s look at what Vancouver is really like.

In hindsight this might not have been the best topic, because the list is full and I feel like I’m just getting started! Who would you guys love to meet in person? //<![CDATA[ var sc_project=10144299; var sc_invisible=1; var sc_security="82f610c9"; var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://secure." : "http://www."); document.write("”); //]]>

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10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish People I’d Like to Meet

  1. M.

    Well, I think you're pretty fantastic! And it's okay, you can admit it. It's because the list includes you. Which, I mean, you do improve any list you're on. So I think that's totally fair.

    I've never heard her speak! But I'd really love to. Fingers crossed you make it here, or that I make it back to Chicago at some point. I literally dream about Myopic!

  2. M.

    And here's a perfect example of forgetting to go back and reply to a comment! Ooops! I really am awful at this. Partly because I'm so bad at commenting regularly, I really like having opportunities to shout out some of my fave bloggers because I want them to know that I appreciate the work they put into their blogs, even if I'm a bit of a creeper (i.e. reading but not commenting). I like the link-ups – book reviews are great, but if I'm not interested in some of the books and that's all someone posts, I'll lose interest in their blog after awhile. But if they participate in link-ups and discussion posts, that gives me something to engage with even if I haven't read or don't want to read the books they're reviewing at the moment.

    I try to, but I fall out of it sometimes. But just knowing that you're there, at the other end of the comment stream, being all British, makes me happy. I am definitely in favour of you doing vlogs! I am way too chicken to put myself in front of any kind of camera, but i totally love it when my fave bloggers do it! And it will be as good. Better. I guarantee it. (I'm not very good at accents, even in my head!)

  3. Julianne (Outlandish Lit)

    You make much blush so muuuuch. You're the best. Great list (not just because it includes me). I'll be checking out all these blogs! And meeting Rainbow Rowell would be so cool. I love hearing her talk. Rebecca Schinsky, too.

    Hopefully I'll luck out and end up in Canada this summer and maybe get to meet you!

  4. M.

    I had to look up where K&K are honeymooning because I really, really don't follow news about them! Ireland? It's in the top 5 places I really want to visit, so maybe someday I'll stop by to say hello! I have friends who live there, and it's somewhere I've always thought was beautiful. My parents are British, so hopefully I'll get a chance to see Ireland sometime when I'm visiting family. (Plus I love you guys' accents. Seriously, obsessed.)

  5. StacieSnape

    as promised a longer comment haha. I love the idea for this, I think its such a nice way to show of bloggers, and I'm not just saying that because I'm on the list. Also thank you, you're very kind. Sometimes I think I'm doing too many link-ups but its nice to know that people don't mind them too much. I also let comments slip by sometimes, I look through my emails during the day when I'm not actually at my computer to reply, so come night time when I want to actually reply I get so confused with what I should be replying to because I've already opened the email notification and more have come through haha. I think I'm going to just leave them from now on.

    You imagine my accent when you read my comments? that's new to me haha. I've actually been thinking about doing a few vlog reviews through out the month so if I start that any time soon you'll be able to hear it. Sadly I bet its in no way as good as you think

    Thank you again 🙂

  6. M.

    I live in hope that one day we'll get a chance to hang out! I definitely think you should write some reviews – and the offer is always open if you want to write a guest post here! I had the same thing – as soon as I started this list I knew I could pretty much go on forever.

  7. StacieSnape

    I love this list, I cant believe I didn't see it yesterday. Want to write something properly about my appreciation for you mention me and the kind words you said but I've just come back from a long day at my mums so expect a long comment tomorrow 😛 Thank you so much hun.

  8. Katrin

    Aww, you are so sweet! 🙂 Obviously I would love to meet you ad Martha because I consider you as true friends! (And I should really start writing some book reviews). Then I would love to meet Arnaldur Indridason because he is Icelandic and he seems to be an interesting person. There are so many bookish people I would like to meet…now that I think about it.


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