This book surprised me. I picked it up at my favourite local used book store one afternoon, and thought it would be one of those chicklit books I guiltily read and then dispose of in the hopes that I’ll never have to admit to having read them, nevermind having bought them. Instead it turned out to be more like a Nick Hornby novel.

It is a story of two people whose lives are in a shambles. They somehow end up living next door to one another. At first they have an incredible distaste for one another. But over time, they come to be friends and even embark on a trip together to market a scheme for cinnamon flavoured milk to the founder of Starbucks.

The surprising element, and that which most strongly brings Nick Hornby to mind, is the undercurrent of musical knowledge that accompanies the plot. It turns out that the title is actually a reference to a Nirvana song! This is one book not to judge by its cover. Though it isn’t a great literary work and isn’t even on my top ten, I did pass a couple of sunny afternoons on my balcony with it while still on large quantities of pain killers post-surgery. It was the perfect book for the situation and I did enjoy it. It is easy to read, the story progresses at a good speed and the characters are entertaining enough to keep you reading to the end. So, if you’re looking for a light read and enjoyed Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity, this might appeal to you.

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