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Stacking the Shelves


Time to look at the books I added to my shelves this week with Stacking the Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews! Not necessarily books I bought – also includes books I borrowed, was given or otherwise ended up with. Weeks I don’t buy any books I’ll scramble around my shelves and find some I haven’t shared in an StS post yet!

Take the Cannoli - Sarah Vowell        Assassination Vacation - Sarah Vowell
Take the Cannoli – Sarah Vowell
Assassination Vacation – Sarah Vowell
Native Son - Richard Wright        Burn This Book - Toni Morrison   
Native Son – Richard Wright
Burn This Book – Toni Morrison
The Paris Review Interviews Vol. II – Philip Gourevitch, Ed.

I finally received the books I ordered from Book Outlet (I think all of these cost me about $25!) and I’m really excited to dive in! Of course, it might be a little while before I find time to read these, but I think they’re all going to be fascinating. I’m particularly excited for the Sarah Vowell books (she wrote the introduction to Shakespeare Wrote for Money and had me giggling like an idiot, so of course I had to search out her books) the Paris Review Interviews – this volume includes interviews with Graham Greene and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

What did you guys add to your shelves this week? Share in the comments!

3 thoughts on “STACKING THE SHELVES | #80

  1. Malcolm Avenue Review

    I adore Sarah Vowell. So damn smart and hilariously funny. Have you ever seen/heard her interviewed? Fantastically quirky, and once you've heard her voice you hear it in your head when you read and it makes it all the more wonderful.


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