I have so much respect and admiration for Betty White. Let me just say that up front. Not only has she molded an ever-growing and -changing career during a time in life when many performers are withdrawing from the public eye and enjoying the fruits of their years and years of hard work, but she has done so with humour and strength.

In her most recent book, it’s as if Betty opens her front door, invites us in for tea, and shares some of her favourite anecdotes with us. She discusses everything from her career to why she didn’t have kids to her choice to live alone to the loss of her husband – and, of course, her love of animals.

My favourite part is where she discusses her speech at an awards show. She explains that show business is a small community, and it tends to create an immediate sense of familiarity. At this particular event, Betty gave a speech during which she said, “I look out here and everybody is famous. And I’ve had the privilege of knowing many of you and working with some of you  — I’ve even had a few of you! You know who you are.” George Clooney, ever a class act, stepped up to the mike as Betty returned to her table. As he concluded his speech, he spotted her and added, “And while I’m here, I’d like to thank Betty White for her discretion.” Can’t top that.

Here is a woman without a bitter or mean bone in her body, who has found the funny side of life and who manages to shock younger audiences with her ability to be more edgy than they are, while simultaneously holding onto her down-to-earth straight up practical values. There’s nothing but inspiration here. If you’re feeling down, if you’ve had a bad week, or if you just feel like there aren’t enough awesome people in the world, grab this book and spend an afternoon with Betty. I guarantee by the end of it your heart will be warmed and you’ll have tears of laughter in your eyes.

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