If you live in Vancouver and are an avid reader, chances are you’ve spent many a blissful hour perusing the shelves of one of the many Book Warehouse locations scattered throughout the city. With a wide range of new books at bargain prices, it has long been a favourite book shopping destination.

A couple of months ago the news broke that the chain would be closing down its various locations one by one, leaving a gaping hole in the Vancouver bibliophile’s world. Though the blow-out prices on remaining stock did something for the pain, I’ve gotta tell ya, I was not a happy camper.

And while this is still true for most of its locations, the store close to my workplace has been saved – by Black Bond Books, who will be taking over the store on June 1st (see picture below).  It won’t be the same, but hey, I’ll take any book store over another dollar store or coffee joint. After all, what good is coffee without a good book to read?


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