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  Well, another month has come and gone! Here in Canada that means the weather is getting chilly and Christmas is, well, pretty much everywhere. I’m a fan of Christmas, though, so no complaints here! I haven’t been reading my usual variety of books lately, but I have gotten through a fair number of cozy mysteries – a genre I… Read more »


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  Can you believe it’s June already? I certainly can’t! Whether I feel like it’s summer or not, the weather certainly seems to be warming up – right now I’m eating ice cream and sitting in front of a fully cranked fan. Phew, it’s warm! Which is surprising considering that I’m on the west coast of Canada, where it’s normally… Read more »


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  I had another good reading month in March – lots of books finished, and quite a range of selections. Some books amused me, others inspired me, and still others (*ahem* A Little Life *ahem*) utterly destroyed me. I also started school again (I’m doing classes in editing), began planting my patio garden and ended up briefly in the hospital… Read more »


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This month had its highs and lows reading-wise – but I have to say that Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven was outstanding. I tore through it while simultaneously needing to know what happens RIGHT THE HELL NOW, and never, ever wanting it to end. I think it’s one of those rare books pretty much everyone will find something to… Read more »

Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2014

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  Well, it was a slower month for me, reading wise. Work is ramping up, and I haven’t been reading quite as voraciously! This month’s reads were quite varied. I’d say my top pics were probably the Razorland books and Being Henry David – possibly Thirteen Reasons Why. Razorland surprised me – I didn’t expect to be quite as into… Read more »