Tina Fey is one funny lady. But more than that, she’s an incredibly smart one. It’s not easy to be as humorous, self-deprecating, inspirational and charismatic as this lady. (Trust me; I’ve tried.) So I was intrigued at the prospect of learning more about the lady behind the laughs.

Though I’ve never been much of a fan of SNL or 30 Rock (yes, I know, you’re shocked), I had absolutely no problem stepping into her hilarious, sometimes ridiculous, and always entertaining world. I gobbled up most of the book (including the early years of Tina Fey, complete with pleated jeans) in a single weekend and am impatiently waiting for all this boring work stuff to get done so that I can move on to her more recent exploits.

But underneath all the humour is a woman who has some important lessons to teach all of us – particularly young women. As much as hearing about the barriers facing young women in business can get a bit tired, that doesn’t make them any less real. And we need all the role models we can get.

I think Fey is one of the best. Not only has she managed to become successful in show business – not an easy feat by anyone’s reckoning – and have a family while doing so, but she’s done it with grace and, let’s face it, no small amount of laughing at herself.

One of the best things about spending time with Fey (I’m talking about her book here, but I imagine she’d be the same in person) is that she’s not perfect; nor does she claim to be. In fact, she points out her flaws openly, makes fun of them, accepts them proudly, and moves on. I think we can all learn a little something from this. It’s not easy – particularly in a profession so obsessed with appearance – to be comfortable with who you are.

Overall I highly recommend picking up Bossypants, whether or not you’re already a fan of the lady or her work. There’s something for everyone in here, and we can all use a good laugh.

I liked Tina Fey before reading this book. Now I think I love her.


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