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There’s often a bit of debate about this question. I’ve heard many people have heated and lengthy discussions about the relative value of the book or movie version of a beloved story, and whichever side people are on, they rarely change their minds.

I must say that as a general rule, I do prefer the book – particularly if I read the book (and loved it) before watching the movie version. This was true for Lord of the Rings, Under the Tuscan Sun and I Capture the Castle.

Some books just don’t translate to the screen (*ahem* Even Cowgirls Get the Blues *ahem*) and should never be made into movies.

Others I find that I like the movie nearly as much as the book – if not as much – but for different reasons. For example, I love the Harry Potter movies, and the first Hunger Games movie. I found that the HP movies were so well cast, the world created on screen was amazing, and it stuck to the books closely enough for the first few movies that I could really enjoy them. I was slightly disappointed in the final movie – but by that time I had read all the books (I read the first few after seeing the first two movies) and it’s possible that had something to do with it.

Even Bridget Jones’ Diary – though very different from how I imagined when reading the book – had its own magic that made it an enjoyable couple of hours.

I’m looking forward to seeing if The Hobbit lives up to my expectations – I’m going to risk LOTR fans’ wrath by saying it is probably my favourite Tolkien story!

What do you think? Can you think of any examples of a movie version that you enjoyed more than the book?

2 thoughts on “DISCUSSION | BOOK OR MOVIE?

  1. M.

    I heard that about Stardust – so I never read the book. I LOVED the Princess Bride movie as a child and didn't even know it was a book for ages! I'm intrigued by the Under the Dome show – though I have to admit I haven't finished the book yet. Excellent so far (that man knows suspense!) but SO LONG. I'll definitely be tuning in for it. I haven't seen or read No Country for Old Men… should I read and watch, or just watch the film?

  2. Care

    Yes, Stardust was a better movie than the book and so was The Princess Bride. BUT that's my opinion and I think it is because I saw first then read. I do love this question and do prefer to read the book prior to a movie but I also enjoy finding out how someone else visualizes what I have read and appreciate the challenge of it. I don't expect the films to be the book so I'm not quite ever disappointed (except when it is way way off!) Under the Dome should be interesting… I'm thinking The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie was a really cool adaption of a book that enhanced the story. And I think Old Country for Old Men was well done. I could go on!


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