As those of you who read my other blog, Mpirical, will know, it was my birthday a few days ago. Thank you, thank you, yes, I had a wonderful day. But more importantly, what is a birthday without books? J. got me this little gem – very recently released, it is the (sometimes true)  memoir of Jenny Lawson, better and more infamously known as The Bloggess.

Sidebar: if you have not yet checked her out, you cannot call yourself a blog afficionado or, with any accuracy, well-read. She’s by turns incredible, fabulous, witty, irreverent, unfathomable and pee-your-pants hilarious. All my favourite things. Her blog has made me literally laugh out loud more times than I can count, and I have pased many a happy half hour (soon turned into hour, hour and a half, two hours….) perusing her archives.

So you can imagine my joy when I opened my present to discover an entire book of her entertaining exploits. I am currently experiencing that age-old dilemma: to charge right into an anticipated treat, wolf it down, and lick your lips in satisfaction OR to savour slowly and make it last. I’ll keep you posted and a full review will follow either sooner or later, depending on which side of me wins out!

In addition to this I also got the paperback (and extended) edition of Banksy’s Wall and Piece – yay! – and $40 to spend at Amazon. What should I spend it on? Thoughts?

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