My Rating System:
Rating books is really hard. The only reason I do it is that I know some people don’t want to read a whole detailed review; they just want to know if I thought a book was good or bad. I started out with a 5 tiered rating system, but I ended up using a lot of half points, so I moved to 10. It’s kind of a fluid system, but here’s roughly what my rating system tells you:


DNF – I didn’t finish this book. This doesn’t necessarily mean the book was bad – more often than not it just means I did a magpie and a newer, shinier book grabbed my attention. I may go back to it later. 

1 – I hated this book. Nothing about it worked for me.

2 – I didn’t like this book, but I didn’t totally hate it.

3 – This book was pretty “meh.”

4 – This book could have been okay, but there was that ONE major thing that completely wrecked it for me.

5 – I kind of liked this book, but overall it was just average. I probably won’t remember reading it a year from now.

6 – I enjoyed this book, but not enough that I’ll re-read it or rave about it incessantly.

7 – This book was good, but didn’t blow both of my socks off.

8 – This book was a really good book, but isn’t in my hall of fame. Missing a little something. (Often applies to books that are great within their genre – like mystery/thriller/dystopia – but that don’t have a character or plot that made me cry and want to start it again the second I finished it.)

9 – This was an all-around excellent book, one that I’d have no hesitation recommending and am really happy I read.

10 – This book is a favourite, one that changed my world and will be re-read over and over again. These books are really, really rare. It has to be a book that works in all areas – characters I fell in love and identified with, a plot that totally drew me in, usually some good humour and excellent writing style/grammar.

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