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Top Ten Tuesday: Beginnings/Endings of Books

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday with The Broke and the Bookish is another thought-provoking topic: Top Ten Beginnings/Endings of Books. This one is going to be tough for me, I’ll say that right up front. As I discussed in the last “Let’s Talk” post, my reading has been slow and sporadic for the last couple of years, and the details… Read more »

Let’s Talk: Your Reading Habits

This week’s topic on I Swim for Oceans’ weekly “Let’s Talk” link up is a good one: Your Reading Habits. This might require a bit of thought. I go through phases with reading. Sometimes I’m voracious, devouring book after book – sometimes one every couple of days. Other times I’ll go a month without reading a single chapter. This pattern… Read more »

TOP TEN TUESDAY: Things that Make Me NOT Read a Book

This was actually yesterday’s link, so I’m a day behind – but better late than never! And this week’s Top Ten Tuesday with The Broke and the Bookish is a great topic: What ten things make me NOT read a book? This is going to require some thought, because a lot of the time the decision to pick up a… Read more »

AGENT 21: RELOADED – Chris Ryan

This is the second book in the Zak Darke Agent 21 series (the first being, of course, Agent 21). Rather than struggle to sumarize the story for you I’m going to let Chris Ryan introduce you to the plot of the book: Sound exciting? It is. Like the first book in the series, this one goes from one action sequence… Read more »

LET’S TALK: Books That Would Make Great Movies or Shows

Linking up for the first time with one of my newly-discovered fave book blogs for a weekly series called “Let’s Talk.” This week’s topic is one that I’ve been meaning to write about anyway – so it seemed like a great opportunity: books that would make great movies or TV shows. I have a feeling this is going to be… Read more »

What are “Inappropriate” Topics for Teens to Read?

This post is a response to a really interesting article I read on Book Riot by Kelly Jensen. The article is called “What Are Grown-Ups Afraid of in YA Books?” and discusses the reactions adults have to YA books that deal with “adult” topics like rape, abortion, gangs, sex, etc. Some adults feel that these aren’t appropriate topics for YA… Read more »

BOY NOBODY – Allen Zadoff

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Boy Nobody is the story of a teenaged assassin. Yeah, you read right. Think Jason Bourne, but the early, early years. Like Bourne, Boy Nobody is trained to kill high-profile targets in such a manner that no one suspects that they didn’t die of natural causes. His typical modus operandi is to start at a new school, befriend the teenaged… Read more »

BOOK NEWS: The Robert Galbraith Subterfuge

If you’re a J.K. Rowling fan, you’ve probably heard the buzz over the last few days since it was revealed that a relatively unheard-of crime novel by a first-time author called Robert Galbraith was, in fact, a product of the pen of none other than the Harry Potter creator herself. My first reaction to the news was to say “Why?”… Read more »

AGENT 21 – Chris Ryan

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When Zak Darke’s parents die of supposed food poisoning while on a business trip, Zak is left an orphan. Reluctantly taken in by his aunt and uncle, the only person left in the world who cares about Zak is his cousin, Ellie. He doesn’t even have very many friends at school, where he spends a lot of his time daydreaming…. Read more »