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Buy 3, Get 1 FREE at Chapters!

Rain City Reads   May 28, 2012   Comments Off on Buy 3, Get 1 FREE at Chapters!

I spent much of the weekend bemoaning the fact that I was unable to partake of the Half Price Books 20% off sale since I live in Canada, and we don’t have Half Price Books here. I watched, half of me happy for the fortune of others, half of me incredibly jealous, as you guys posted one #hpbhaul picture after… Read more »

Good News for Vancouver Book Lovers

Rain City Reads   May 25, 2012   Comments Off on Good News for Vancouver Book Lovers

If you live in Vancouver and are an avid reader, chances are you’ve spent many a blissful hour perusing the shelves of one of the many Book Warehouse locations scattered throughout the city. With a wide range of new books at bargain prices, it has long been a favourite book shopping destination. A couple of months ago the news broke… Read more »

What the @#$% Are You Reading?

You may or may not have seen the article in US News last week about whether or not Young Adult books should have some sort of rating system on them. This discussion is largely centred around a study that was done revealing that much fiction intended for a youth audience contains profanity to various degrees. Some concerned consumers (and probably… Read more »

Birthdays Aren’t All Bad…

Rain City Reads   May 23, 2012   Comments Off on Birthdays Aren’t All Bad…

As those of you who read my other blog, Mpirical, will know, it was my birthday a few days ago. Thank you, thank you, yes, I had a wonderful day. But more importantly, what is a birthday without books? J. got me this little gem – very recently released, it is the (sometimes true)  memoir of Jenny Lawson, better and… Read more »

Summer Reading!

Rain City Reads   May 12, 2012   Comments Off on Summer Reading!

There’s something special about reading in the summer. Maybe it’s the warm breezes and cool beverages, maybe it’s just that the days are longer and slower. But whatever it is, it makes selecting a big ‘ole pile of books to read over the next months even more exciting and satisfying. This is mine (so far): My Friend the Mercenary –… Read more »